Marketing – The Four C’s

When structuring a strategic marketing plan those in the marketing industry has been using the four P’s model since 1960. Recently it’s be revised to add three more P’s making it a seven P’s model. Many companies in the marketing industry felt that the premise behind the model had never been truly challenged. Until now! With the expansion of the internet many of the older marketing industry models have been challenged. Some marketing companies feel it is up to us within the marketing industry to validate which of these models will be best in our marketing environment. Which ones will stand the test of time?

Due to this forward thinking, the four C model was introduced. Most felt that the other models where missing an important component and that was the consumer. How can you develop a plan to market to a particular audience and then forget to include that audience in your plan? That’s like selling bananas to a banana farmer. They have all they need, and don’t need to buy yours. The four C’s model is a consumer based. Consumers are their main point of consideration. The model replaces the P’s with C’s. The four C’s are:

* Consumer – placing the consumer first shifts the focus from the product to the consumer. Where satisfying the consumer has become the main focus.
* Cost – this replaces pricing to reflect the true price. The real price that is set by the market. Not the price determined by the company.
* Convenience – with the rise internet and hybrid purchasing models, a consumer no longer has to only visit a brick and mortar location to purchase their goods. Therefore, convenience becomes the distribution channel.
* Communication – takes the promotion level and expands it to reach. Expands its reach to represent a broader focus than simply promotions on a whole. It reaches out to the mass media, by including viral advertising.

The four C’s model takes into consideration that what the consumer wants should be sold instead of what can be manufactured. The consumer shouldn’t have to buy a product just because it’s all the store has. Due to the internet consumers now have choices. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the store you can find the item online. Some marketing companies use the marketing mix component as viewed from the consumer view point and the marketing materials created from the consumer’s considerations for making purchases. The model reflects a customer oriented marketing philosophy.

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