Offshore Oil Rig Employment – Wandering If Oil Rigging Job Is Profitable

Offshore oil rig employment – oil rigging jobs are a specific line of work that you probably know little about unless you are familiar with someone who works in this field. But if you are looking for a good future and the idea of offshore drilling peaks your interest, now is the time to get involved. There are many different positions for new projects coming open and you could have your chance to learn much more about oil rig jobs.

Types of Offshore Gas and Oil Installations

The gas and oil drilling business offers a wide variety of installation specialties because of the complex nature of the industry. Two major structures are used in offshore drilling, fixed structures and drill ships. The main difference is the fixed unit drills for oil from a permanent platform set up specifically for this task and the drill ships are designed for floating from place to place during exploration for oil.

What Type of Training is needed to Qualify for an Oil Rig Job? offshore oil rig employment

A nine-week training program is usually required in order to meet the criteria that are placed upon employees working a rigging job. After training is completed, there is further hands-on training, teaming up with a regular worker. It is absolutely imperative that you know the oil rigging jobs inside and out before working alone.

offshore oil rig employment

offshore oil rig employment

Types of Jobs Learned during Training

Everyone that learns oil rigging jobs works with a crew and each crew has designated main duties. There are four main areas of knowledge to know about the operation of the oil rig platform and each area provides a valuable service to the team as a whole.

The Deck Crew

Roustabouts guide the crane as loads are moved, supply needed equipment and keep the pipe deck and main deck clear and clean from debris. They also cover for roughnecks when breaks and meals are needed. They are also trained to operate the crane that puts them in line, should a crane operator position come open. Rigging jobs offer advancement in every department.

The drill crew

Roughnecks work in a team of three on the rig floor and operate the equipment and machines. Working to keep all systems running smoothly, the driller is able to perform the operation of the drill without incident. A derrickman and pumpman further maintain the pumps, shakers and machines that are heavily relied upon.

The Mechanical Department

Large diesel generators are the only source of power when you are out in the middle of the ocean and mechanics keep the generators maintained on a regular schedule and knowing how to repair when there is a need. This type of oil work relies on skill and knowledge.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

Depending on the position you qualify for, oil rigging jobs start around $54,000 per year and some positions that may come available can top $80,000 or higher. The work is hard and you can easily be away from home for a month then home for a month. 12-hour shifts are often required are not unusual but if you have an excitement for work, a team effort and traveling to foreign lands, there are hundreds of oil companies looking for people interested in oil rigging jobs right now. Within ninety days you could have a thrilling job as an oil rig operator for a major oil company.

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